Bornova Oral and Dental Health Center History

        Our institution started to serve as a unit of Karsiyaka Oral and Dental Health Center in 2001. As a result of 6 months renewal and maintenance works; On October 30, 2002, Bornova Oral and Dental Health Center was opened with a capacity of 20 units.

      After this date, as a result of the building expansion work carried out in parts, 26 units capacity was reached in 2007. In 2008, it expanded its service area by opening a 12-unit district policlinic in Gaziemir.

      As our head office in Bornova was unable to meet the increasing patient demand, it was moved to our main building in Çınarlı on November 21, 2009, which was allocated to our institution by the Provincial Health Directorate.

     After the transition to Public Hospitals Unions, Gaziemir District Polyclinic was transferred to İzmir Training Dental Hospital. Together with the Bornova, Doğanlar and Tepecik District Polyclinics, we continue to provide services with a total capacity of 129 units