Our Mission / Vision


  To increase the competitiveness of our health center in order to see the future changes in service delivery and to provide qualified, contemporary and scientific health services that our people deserve.

It aims to ensure the satisfaction of all parties, to use the resources effectively and to provide qualified health care services to all public or private social security holders who are provided with oral health services, respectful to patient rights, sensitive to physician rights, adhering to ethical values, and the satisfaction of all parties. 


our patients;

  Based on scientific and moral values, with the contribution of all our employees,

  With team spirit, Using the latest technology, At a level that can compete with the world,

  Friendly and clean environment, constantly evolving and renewed face,

  For a more beautiful smile, we are dedicated to a dedicated, contemporary and relevant service. ”


  It is our social responsibility to be reliable and transparent and to ensure continuity in our Health Services.

  Patient health and safety is our priority.

  To treat everyone equally and equitably.

  Being transparent and sincere.
  Being innovative and contemporary.

  Team spirit.

  The staff being friendly and helpful.